Criminal Psychology – powerPoint presentation

PowerPoint Presentation About Russell WILLIAMS Offender Background: Describe the offender’s life history. Include information on the offender’s family upbringing and childhood experiences, education, peer experiences, and when relevant later interpersonal relationships, employment, psychological history, and criminal activity prior to the murders. Nature of Offence: Describe the timeline and nature of offender’s murders. Report information on the offender’s Modus Operandi, including victimology, method, and any identifiable pattern in the offenses. Provide information on the offender’s apprehension including the circumstances that lead to his/her apprehension or arrest, and if relevant, the trial outcome/ information about offender’s current status Offender Typology: Based on the crime scene characteristics do you consider this offender to be an organized, disorganized, or mixed killer? Provide information (or speculate) on the killer’s motivation for the homicidal offence(s). Based on crime scene characteristics and offender motivation, indicate which violent offender typology would best apply to this person and why. Risk Factors: Identify factors that may have contributed to this offender′s homicidal actions. The focus of this section is to use theory/ research to explain how the identified factors may have increased offender’s risk for violence. For example, if you identify child abuse as a risk factor, provide some context by referring to research/ theory on that supports the idea that child abuse could increase a person′s risk for violence Please include a “References” slide at the end of the presentation AND use in-text citations throughout the presentation. Please only use credible and reliable sources. Presentations should also follow standard copyright and citation rules for images. For more information on copyright please visit

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