Creative Writing Essay: How I learned to cook

To achieve a particular set goal, one must have a sustained vision of how they would want their future. The concept serves as a motivational source and aids in the identification and handling of the hurdles that hold you back. One common obstacle in attaining any goal is the fear of failure. People tend to have many doubts regarding how their performance will be, and in the long run, they end up not even trying anything at all. Fear makes goals seem unattainable and not worth our time and devotion. 

What I always wanted to learn was to cook, but fear inhibited me. As much as I knew how essential this skill is, I was still afraid of fire—learning to cook changed my way of thinking about our fear and goals. Fear is natural and inevitable; what matters is if one lets that fear overcome them or overcome the fear. The first step towards overcoming a phobia is acceptance; acknowledge fear as something positive. In doing this, the value of the intended goal will start holding much more weight than the fear of achieving it.

After setting my mind on learning how to cook, I laid down a strict schedule for practicing and promised myself not to give up regardless of the number of times my efforts would seem futile. Since I love reading novels during my leisure time, reading recipes was not a difficult task. I read a bunch of recipes from well-renowned chefs and tried to do the cooking all by myself. At first, it was not as easy as it might sounds. In fact, at one point, I had a burn that almost made me quit, but then an idea of trying the online tutorial on cooking chipped into my mind. I downloaded a couple of tutorials and followed the tutor step by step.

Amazingly, I was not tensed by the fire for the first time, and I had fun cooking, although the final dish was not exactly like the one that the chef in the clip came up with. From this point onwards, I became more enthusiastic and determined to take advantage of the calmness I had started feeling while in the kitchen. Overcoming my fear gave me the platform to try lots of recipes, and my cooking skills had tremendously improved within no time.

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The attainment of a goal is crucial as it helps individuals get to a much better state different from their initial comfort zone. Usually, people’s comfort zones are not suitable for their well-being. For instance, if a person does not know how to cook, then it means that they will rely on take away meals from fast food outlets. Although this kind of food may be tasty, it has an adverse health effect on regular consumers. Therefore learning to cook is an assurance of nutritious eating and better living.

Also buying already cooked food is a bit expensive in comparison to preparing a meal at home. By achieving the goal of learning to cook, one can save some of the cash that would have been spent on buying food. Last but not least, being able to cook helps one in regulating their diet. Weight loss and gain can be easily monitored and controlled.

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