Creative Placemaking Proposal

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I will record the presentation.
will submit prior assignments for understanding as well as the templates for use.

to test these ideas during the spring and/or summer 2021. Design the project as a collaborative, participatory, experiment: a process in which building community is as important as the final project.

Write a proposal for your project using the Creative Placemaking Program application form Download Creative Placemaking Program application form. This program has three objectives —Placemaking, Equity, and Partnerships—which are supported by Hester’s design principles. Your proposal must be clearly aligned with these objectives. This list of those objectives and associated characteristics Download hose objectives and associated characteristicssummarizes the elements for a strong proposal. You will create a presentation of your proposal (“selling the idea”) using the Pecha Kucha approach (Links to an external site.) (described below) —you may use this pre-rimed template Download pre-rimed template— and submit a recorded version of your presentation, using Kaltura CaptureLinks to an external site. on PSU Media Space or an equivalent.

Submit your completed Creative Placemaking Program Application Form Download Creative Placemaking Program Application Formand your recorded Pecha Kucha presentation by 10:00 pm PST on Friday 3/11
Comment on two classmates’ proposals HERE by 10:00 pm PST on Sunday 3/13

A copy of your site plan at a large enough scale to show the detailed location of project.
PowerPoint or equivalent software that easily combines images, maps, graphics and text.
Tutorial for how to use Kaltura Capture Links to an external site.on PSU Media Space to record your Pecha Kucha presentation.
Learn more about the Pecha Kucha style of presentations HERE (Links to an external site.).

STEPS: Begin by reading these instructions completely including the grading rubric Download grading rubric.

Read through the Creative Placemaking Program Application form Download Creative Placemaking Program Application formand Elements of a Strong Proposal Download Elements of a Strong Proposaldocument to be familiar with requirements.

Develop the idea for a project that you identified in Assignment 3. It’s ok to develop a different idea than the one you identified in Assignment 3. But then you will also have come up with a new HMW question framing the design challenge and new Impact and Key Outcome Statements. Do this first before proceeding to the next steps!

Do further research of precedents/models for your project idea, as you did in Assignment 3, but this time focus on learning enough about these precedent/model projects so that you can adapt them as a model for what you propose to do. This precedent/models also serve as the “proof of concept” (feasibility).

Flesh out the details of your project idea by thinking it through step by step. Refer to your models (precedents) as a guide but you will also need to use your imagination! Describe all of the elements of your project (ex. installations, activities, events). Don’t worry about a budget, but keep in mind that this proposal is for a temporary, low-cost

Complete the Creative Placemaking Program Application form Download Creative Placemaking Program Application form. You may create your own version of this form but you must include each element listed below in the same order.
Descriiptive Title: come up with something catchy
Community design challenge this project addresses in HMW question format.
Project descriiption: Describe what you propose to do with as much detail as possible.
Identify any obstacles to implementation and how to overcome them.
Location: Show the location and layout of your project on your site plan
Feasibility: Describe at lease one precedent for this project. Explain how you have adapted that model to suit your particular site and community design challenge.
Impact: Describe how you will evaluate the success of the project in achieving the near-term goal you identified in your Income and Outcome Statements in Assignment 3.
Timeline: List the key steps involved in planning, implementing and evaluating this project assuming completion of the project by October 2021.
*Place making: State how this project will prompt people to feel a stronger connection with others and build a sense of attachment and belonging to this place.
*Equity: State how this project will include and/or benefit community members who are people of color or other historically marginalized communities.
*Partnerships: State how this project will involve collaborative partnerships that bring new or different groups together and engage the public in the project.

* Refer to Elements of a Strong Proposal Download Elements of a Strong Proposal

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