Creating Correctional Facility Rough Draft

Paper details:

You will begin the task of creating a correctional facility that will be presented via PowerPoint. For the Course Project: Rough Draft Assignment, the presentation must have at least 5 slides, and it will provide a snapshot of the correctional facility that will be further developed for the Course Project: Final Assignment.
Items to include are outlined as follows:

The following must be included in the Rough Draft via PowerPoint slides:

• Type of facility that will be constructed. Be sure to include the name, location, security level, and anticipated size of your facility. This should be a brief overview, as more details of its design will be required for your final presentation (see Course Project: Final Assignment Instructions).
• Determine the necessary staffing categories for the facility
• Identification of possible programs that will be implemented in the facility
• Approximation of the total budget for the operation of the facility
• Identification of at least 2 sources that will be used for the Course Project: Final
• At least 5 content slides (not including the title and reference slide)
• A title slide
• A reference slide

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