COVID-19 Impact on the World


COVID-19 Impact on the World

Paper details:

Objective – Students will write engaging informative, persuasive, and entertaining introductory statements.
Objective – Students will organize body paragraphs using emphatic order
Objective – Students will write clear topic sentences to organize information
Objective – Students will persuade their audience using logic and reason
Objective – Students will explain information to expound upon the thesis.
After creating a preliminary and annotated bibliography on our class topic “Writing for a Cause”, write a research proposal essay where you propose your topic for research.

Minimum Requirements:

The research proposal paper should have no less than 750 words and no more than 1,500 words.

The introduction should include:

an engaging introductory statement using either an anecdotal introductory statement, rhetorical question introductory statement or a historical or factual data introductory statement.
a bridge that includes a discussion of the topic by weighing “pros and cons” or “agreements and disagreements”. The bridge should also include the student’s reasons for research using their results from the MY PLAN assessment.
a research question that is bolded and underlined. The research question serves as the thesis statement for this essay.
The body should include:

2 – 3 body paragraph(s) that address the five sources used in the annotated bibliography.
The information in each body paragraph should be organized under a topic sentence for each body paragraph. The topic sentence should connect the sources together so that they logically fit within the same paragraph. In other words, there must be a reason the articles are in the same paragraph.
The information for each article should be clearly communicated using identifying words like the author(s) names, the title(s) of the text(s), the publication(s), and the publication date(s).
The information from each article should in some way attempt to respond to the research question posed in the introduction paragraph.
The conclusion should include

a hypothesis that is both bolded and underlined.
a reflection on each article or the content from each article
a projection to discuss how the information from each article can be used in the future
a conclusion statement to close the essay and offer a lasting impression.

The topic is about COVID- 19 and how it impacted the world!! I included the 5 sources that need to be used since it has to be library database sources.

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