correspondence theory of truth

Read: Chapter 1- Truth (The chapter advises you to read up to the end of 1.3, then watch the film, and then finish reading the chapter) View Lectures: Theories of Truth Watch the film Hilary and Jackie (1998) Available on Digital Campus through MSMU Library Services Answer the following 6 questions.

1. According to the correspondence theory of truth, the statement ″All humans are mammals″ is true and the statement ″All humans are reptiles is false″ because the first statement corresponds with the facts or reality and the second statement does not. Using your own examples (not from the book or the lecture), come up with one statement that is true and one statement that is false according to the Correspondence Theory of Truth. Do you think those same statements would still be true and still be false false according to pragmatism or the coherence theory of truth? Explain for both statements.

2. What objection or problem does the correspondence theory of truth face? How does Pragmatism deal with this problem (or objection) that the correspondence theory of truth faces? What objection or problem does Pragmatism face?

3. Explain the coherence theory of truth and apply it to Hilary′s view that Jackie is cruel and Jackie′s view that she is not cruel. How does applying it demonstrate what is problematic with the coherence theory of truth? Explain.

4. Using the example of Jackie sending her washing (her dirty clothes) home, identify which theory (or theories) of truth validates BOTH Hilary′s view of this event and Jackie′s view of this event. Choices: correspondence theory of truth, pragmatism, coherence theory of truth, perspectivism, postmodernism. Explain and support your answer.

5. Two events in Hilary and Jackie that show major disagreement about what really happened are the nighttime conversation between Hilary and Jackie when Hilary tells Jackie she is engaged to Kiffer and the circumstances surrounding Kiffer and Jackie having sex. Pick one event and explain each sister’s interpretation of it.

6. Using the event you picked for #5, choose two theories of truth (choices: correspondence theory of truth, pragmatism, coherence theory of truth, perspectivism, postmodernism) and apply them to this event. Which theory would validate both interpretations and which theory would validate one viewpoint over the other, and which sister’s viewpoint would it be? Explain and support your answers.

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