corporate culture

In which of the ways below is corporate culture best expressed to employees?

  • Through management leading by example
  • Through explicitly stated goals and objectives
  • Through enforcing legal requirements
  • Through offsite training programs

Jenny is a high school senior who wants to someday be a lawyer.

Which of the following is an intermediate goal?

  • Jenny hopes to attend law school at a top-rated university after finishing a Bachelor’s of Arts in philosophy.
  • Jenny hopes to major in philosophy at a private university next fall.
  • Jenny hopes to earn her Bachelor’s degree and be admitted to law school.
  • Jenny hopes to someday become a federal judge.

As the human resource manager, Karen worked with the finance manager to advise him on the steps to follow in terminating a poorly performing employee.

Which phase of Human Resource Management below does this scenario describe?

  • Acquiring
  • Developing
  • Recruiting
  • Maintaining

As a supervisor, Paula promoted a team atmosphere. She believed good ideas came from increased collaboration, and she looked for opportunities for her employees to build trust amongst each other.

Which of the personality traits below does Paula demonstrate?

  • High extroversion
  • Low conscientiousness
  • High agreeableness
  • Low neuroticism

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