Corporal Punishment and perceived well-being

Paper Guidelines
1. Submit your Introduction section and Reference page for your final research proposal. Your Introduction should include at least 6 APA cited journal articles that relate to the topic of the study should be discussed in a thoughtful and well organized manner; explain how each study’s findings relate to your research topic; and include the goals and hypotheses of the current study. Please be sure to include your reference page in APA format.

2. Please submit your Method section in APA format for your final research report. Your Method should include Materials (an overview of your survey); Participants (sampling strategies (from where and how they were recruited) and demographic information; and Procedures (an explanation and rationale for each step that was taken in the study). You should also include an Appendix with your full final survey in APA format.

3. Please submit your descriiptive statistics, inferrential statistics, and scatterplot for your individual research report. Please use the Statistics worksheet from lab this week to write up your Results section in APA format. Please be sure to include EITHER a table or figure. Whichever you choose must be in APA format.
4. Please submit your Discussion section of your proposal. Your Discussion should begin with a statement of whether or not the overall results were supported, not supported, or supported to some extent; describe what the results mean, in relation to the hypothesis studied; include how the findings fit into the current literature; describe the limitations to the research study; suggest ideas for future research; and provide any implications or overall conclusions of the research study. Then, on a separate page include your Title Page in APA format.

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