Context questions

Section A: Context questions (30 marks)

Choose THREE of the following five excerpts.  Identify the texts they come from and their authors, locate the excerpt within the text, analyze the excerpt, and relate the meaning and significance of these excerpts to the texts as a whole.  You should keep your answer to no more than four or five sentences, which is approximately a short paragraph.

1.         I have no country now but self

            I mark my boundaries extend demesnes

            Even beyond the darkness of those regions

            Still to be explored…

2.         And my memory will be a little

            out of focus, in it

            a giant negative, black

            and white, still undeveloped.

3.         …Every so often one of the reporters would come over and ask me questions about how it felt to be an Indian without a country. I told them we had a nice house on the reserve and that my cousins had a couple of horses we rode when we went fishing….

4.         …My father stands in the middle of the kitchen, unsure. Eventually, my mother    comes downstairs again and puts her arms around him and holds him, whispering      something to him, words that to me are meaningless and incomprehensible. But    she offers them to him, sound after sound, in a language that was stolen from     some other place, until he drops his head and remembers where he is.

5.         No, they won’t let me out of winter,

            and I’ve promised myself,

            even if I’m the last snowman,

            that I’ll ride into spring

            on their melting shoulders.

Section B: Essay question (30 marks)

Choose ONE of the following five topics.  Clear thesis connecting two stories / two poems / 1 story and 1 poem together, coherent argument, and close and accurate references to the texts will all be taken into account.

1. Examine the exile or immigrant in at least two works.

2. Consider the importance of setting or “home” in at least two works.

3. Describe the role of women in at least two works.

4. Explore the issue of communication, language and/or translation in at least two works. 5. Discuss the role of the individual versus the community in at least two works

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