construction management leadership

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Consider your core values and personality type in the following case study scenario.
You are serving as the owner’s representative for an eight-story institutional building going up in Brooklyn. One morning you notice that the aluminum panels on the side of the building are wavy. This condition is known as oil canning. You begin your team meeting by saying that you have observed this condition and that it is unacceptable.
The supplier (fabricator and installer of the panels), the architect (that specified the panels), and the construction manager all start taking a defensive position with each attempting to deflect any responsibility. The project is currently on schedule and on budget. However, any remedy to the condition will have an impact on both. The subcontracts are firm fixed price contracts. The CM and Architect are hired on a fee basis. It has been confirmed that the aluminum panels were fabricated in accordance with the architectural design specification, specified metal gauge (20 ga., and approved fabrication shop drawings). Clearly, you have a problem that must be resolved and it isn’t going away without some positive and effective action on your part.
(1) What are the potential issues that may need to be resolved?
(2) What are the alternatives open to you?
(3) What would you prefer to do?
(4) What action will you take? Is there a preferred leadership approach you would adopt? Why?

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