Consequence of Inaction

Virtual Community Based Correction center faces security problems. The correctional facility will collaborate with the Virtual Police Department if the truce sheds some light in bolstering the safety in the institution. Currently, the VBBC dominance has shifted violent minds into a drug business-oriented mind. The transformation of the inmates caused by the VBBC gang is advantageous to the correction center since violence has reduced. However, the calm situation provoked by the VBBC gang is temporal; therefore, it would be appropriate to seek alternatives for enhancing security. The drug motive of the inmates in prison will probably turn into an ugly scene of assaults and death in the correctional center as time goes by. Therefore, the community-based correction is mandated to explore a permanent solution for the forecasted events. Virtual Detention Center under Major Irongate leadership has enough reasons to partner with Virtual Police Department.

The collaboration with Virtual Police Department to take down the VBBC gang will lead to the arrest of more criminals from the group. The increased numbers of VBBC members in the Virtual Detention Center will, in the meantime, eradicate violence in the facility. Since the gang is a significant threat to the state, if the detention center holds the gang members captive and stops their criminal activities, they are bound to receive some credit. The state can fund Virtual Detention Center, and they will employ more security officers to enhance safety. The detention facility will eventually cease depending on the gang engagement in drug-related activities to maintain peace. Virtual Detention facility will also provide educational and other training programs that aid in engaging minds (Moyer, 2019).

Virtual Detention would suggest the implementation of policies that facilitate reentry in the community. The success of the VBBC gang is that it is inevitable in all areas; the streets, prison, and jail. Although Virtual Detention plays its role in reducing chances of recidivism, the effort will be futile if the released inmates mingle with other criminals in the community. The police should work in conjunction with parole and probation correction officers to ensure that released inmates do not return to the crime life. The team should supervise and rehabilitate offenders to keep them free from corruption. Therefore, the police should conduct more investigations and arrest any member of the gang that may walk freely in the streets. Failure to police participation, Virtual correctional centers will only create a platform for the criminal to enhance their criminal expertise. The adoption of evidence-based practices can also assist in assessing the risks that offenders may encounter during the probation period (Hegger, 2015). A comprehensive understanding of each criminal needs can intensify the supervision of offenders in probation or parole situations. The police should rearrest inmates that fail to comply with the conditions laid for reentry into the community.

Virtual Police Department should also place efforts in investigating the drug operation that occurs when inmates travel from Virtual Detention Center to the court. A thorough investigation made possible by the correction facility will enable the police department to gather enough evidence to arrest all VBBC members. However, if the drug distribution channels are not cut, the police will fruitlessly arrest them as other offenders are nurtured at the same time. The elimination of the VBBC gang from society will create a chance for Virtual Detention Center growth. The correction facility will be in a better position to enhance the prison’s safety when it gets state support for the completion of the task.   


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