Cons/Risks/Challenges of Autonomous Cars

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Cons/Risks/Challenges of Autonomous Cars

Ethical concerns surrounding computer vs. human judgment
(NOTES: cover AI algorithms maturity and how ML collects information. Example: Which data ML will be processing? Will that be all data, including reckless driving? How algorithms will be configured to decide between hitting pedestrian or driving from the cliff? )

Cybersecurity concerns
( NOTES: IoT issues, bluetooth hacking, car system hacking etc)

Unemployment for drivers
(NOTES: How will autonomous cars shape driver-driven industries, such as deliveries, public transportation, taxis etc? Can autonomous cars replace human and will that cause unemployment? Or similarly to technology, autonomous car business will create more jobs to cover for unemployment?)

Costs (Insurance, maintenance, etc.)
(NOTES: Will insurance be higher or lower? How much it costs to own the autonomous car (charge, maintenance, etc)? Will there be a risk of car makers raising prices due to legal liabilities (e.g. who will be responsible for car crush: vendor or driver?) What is the cost of disposal and/or recycling?)

Possible future US government regulations.
(NOTES: Liability of car-maker in case of crush or pedestrian killing; costs; other regulations for car makers and car owners.)

Consumer sentiment/confidence
(NOTES: Will consumers trust autonomous cars? How does adoption projection looks like? Common consumer worries: sensor malfunction, AI choice, etc)

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