Conflicts of Constitution draft (no plagiarism)

Paper details:

You are expected to use the textbook and other sources to respond to the questions. CITATIONS and a BIBLIOGRAPHY is REQUIRED for all essays–failure to include both will negatively impact your grade. There are numerous citation guides on the library page and through the writing center.
The APA Style website also provides a set of guidelines you should follow:
Essays should be at a minimum be three typed pages in length (double-spaced and in 12pt Times New Roman font). These papers will be graded according to the soundness and intellectual rigor of their argument, their use of relevant class material (both from reading and lecture), and the quality of their written expression.

All papers must include in-line citations AS WELL as a Bibliography using an APA format. Please refer to the rubrics thoroughly before submitting your work and be sure to consult the Alan Siegal Writing Center for support.
Late papers will not be accepted. Extensions for papers will be granted only under exceptional circumstances (death in the family, serious illness, etc.).

Essay questions

The four-part question is as follows:
Describe and analyze the conflicts and compromises that occurred during the drafting of the Constitution. What was the main source of conflict between large and small states, and how did the Great Compromise resolve it? What was the nature of the conflict regarding slavery during the Philadelphia Convention? How did the Three-Fifths Compromise address this conflict?

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