Configuring a Firewall (Using Firewallid)


Configuring a Firewall (Using Firewallid)

Paper details:

You need to log into a remote machine in the DaaS environment using the link Please follow the instruction listed on the attached document in accessing the DaaS environment. Please take screenshots of the following:
1. When you run the scripts
2. to prove services are allowed on the interfaces.

On your own now, configure rules to allow the following nine services.

https to
domain and telnet to 0
ftp, imap2, imaps, pop3, pop3s, and urd to

Before you configure, first make sure using the test script these traffic types are not allowed to the respective hosts. After configuring them, make sure they are allowed to the respective hosts.

NB: Domain is often known as DNS (Domain Name Service). You should be able to google port numbers for various services.

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