Conducting an Incident Investigation

Paper details:

In your course project, you will be applying the information covered in previous units to conduct an accident investigation. The specifics of the incident are provided in the attached scenario document,

I also attached previous assignments for reference if needed.

You have just been informed that there has been an accident in your facility. As the facility safety expert, you have contacted your local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office to report the incident in compliance with the OSHA’s Severe Incident Reporting Requirement. Since you have not heard back from OSHA, you anticipate your facility will be receiving a visit from an OSHA compliance officer to investigate the incident. Based on your safety expertise and your knowledge of OSHA, you know the compliance officer will be reviewing your safety and health efforts to determine whether the company’s failure to provide a safe and healthy working environment led to the accident. Your management has asked that you prepare a presentation to give them an idea of where they stand with regard to OSHA compliance.
Using the reference information that you developed as part of your safety management system (SMS) implementation plan in Units III-VI assignments, prepare a presentation that addresses how you will demonstrate the following items to the compliance officer, addressing the company’s:
commitment to the safety and health of their employees,
effort to ensure employees are properly trained,
effort to include employees in their SMS,
effort to identify safety hazards in the workplace, and
effort to prevent and control safety hazards in the workplace.
Although you can use the previously prepared work as the basis for your presentation, your responses should be specific to the actual accident scenario, which is in the above-attached document.
Explain the organization’s implementation strategy as it relates to the accident investigation. You are also required to perform an analysis of the accident scenario and include the findings in your presentation as well. Your analysis must identify the following information:
basic cause of the accident,
direct cause of the accident,
indirect cause of the accident, and
recommendation for corrective actions.
Your presentation should be 12 to 15 slides and include title and reference pages (the title and reference pages do not count toward the total slides requirement). As part of the presentation, you are encouraged to use the notes section for the content slides to reinforce your presentation. Ensure your presentation includes visuals such as images and graphics to supplement your message. Incorporate OSHA references into the presentation and other valid sources. Images and graphics, along with supporting references and in-text citations, must follow APA formatting guidelines

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