Concert report

Concert report

Paper details:

Identify and categorize pieces within individual rock music styles
Distinguish between the names of key rock personalities and compare their historical and cultural contributions
A concert report is intended to encourage proactive listening through further interaction with the performer(s). Attending a live performance with the intent to listen critically and complete a thorough, informed review is an invaluable part of a music appreciation course. There are several ways to choose a performance, but the recommendation is to find an event that will offer a new experience to gain a new perspective on rock music.

For your Concert Report, (because of Covid-19) you will observe a live performance captured on DVD, YouTube or some similar site, and write a critical review and analysis of the performance.

The performance you attend can be in any music tradition. Genres include pop, alternative rock, jazz, EDM, rap, folk, experimental, and many others. NO MUSICAL THEATER, PLEASE!!!
The performance must take place at an organized event, and performers must be credible musicians.
The performance you report on must last at least thirty minutes.
The performance must be live, not background CDs or pre-recorded music (Live deejay or rap performances where recorded music is manipulated are valid exceptions). NO KARAOKE OR OPEN MIC!!!
Amateur performances at the elementary, middle, or high school levels are not permitted for this assignment.
Make sure that the performance you choose complies with the guidelines. Ask the instructor if you are not sure.
Your report must be written and uploaded as a Microsoft Word document. Please note that you may use Open Office, or save a Google Doc as a Microsoft Word file.
Write your report in essay form, as well-written paragraphs.
Write your report in your own words. Do not cite other authors, and do not create a bibliography.
Write your report in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced.
Many students ask about the recommended length of the report. I don’t have a specific length requirement, but to cover all the required points (PLEASE READ ALL THE CRITERIA BELOW), you will be writing at least two full pages.
Identify the artist, and describe the event in detail (concert, festival, etc.). Include the event name and date.
Describe the venue in detail (Orange Show, Whiskey a Go-Go, Fox Theater, CSUSB, The Rock Church, etc.).
Insert one image or video representing the performance. This may be media that you find online.
Identify and describe the artist(s) you observed (wardrobe, demeanor, stage presence, etc.).
Describe the instrumentation (electric guitar, synthesizers, drums, horns, turn tables, etc.).
Describe the genre.
If the performance is by a group, identify and describe the role of the leader.
List three song or work titles important to the performance, and identify the composer(s). You may need to do some additional research. Discuss why these particular titles were important to the performance. NOTE: The fact that the song was a hit or extremely popular is NOT a good reason why the song was important. I am interested how the song is MUSICALLY important – because of its rhythm, tempo, mood, danceability, energy level, etc.
Describe the audience’s general behavior and reaction to the performance.
Describe the performance overall, based on your own experience and reaction. What do you consider important?
Connect your experience to what you are learning in class – mention musical concepts such as tempo, melody, rhythm, dynamics, riffs, syncopation, texture, ensemble.

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