Compose a one-paragraph persuasive message board post about Grendel.

  • Type: Persuasive essay
  • Subject: Literature
  • Topic: Compose a one-paragraph persuasive message board post about Grendel.
  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 1 pages/double spaced (275 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 1
  • Extra features: 

Order instructions:

Your post will respond to another argument that you disagree with. (See the four options below.) Use evidence from Grendel to craft a fair and well-supported rebuttal, and then complete two other short responses to your classmates’ posts.

Your assignment should include the following elements:
A one-paragraph rebuttal to one of four message posts that have been provided for you
A claim that directly goes against the post you’ve chosen to respond to
A two- to three-sentence response to one of your classmates’ message board posts
A final two-to three-sentence post that responds to the board in general

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