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This your official “Competition Simulation Decision 2” In this second competition round. you will be making core decisions based on (Fares, Marketing, Fleet, Scheduling, Human Resources, and Financing) and will be challenged by your second incident “Incident 2: Channels of Distribution
Here is a brief summary of the incident!
You have the opportunity to change the way you distribute tickets. Your company has been selling most of its tickets through third parties, such as online travel agencies, traditional travel agents, and corporate travel accounts. These third parties typically receive a 10% commission, and new customers are less likely to buy tickets through them. You could distribute through new channels, or you may be able to increase direct sales through your website if you make it easier to use. Changing the way you sell tickets could decrease costs and increase sales. However, you risk undermining your relationships with your existing third-party partners, hurting sales in the short term.

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