Compassion in Art

Question 1

Lena Moross uses her exhibition titled, For the Love of Carmine to show the humanity of her subjects. Carmine presents diversity, vulnerability, courage, and indisputable sweetness. It exemplifies intricacy and diversity of human beings. As for Cindy Sherman, her work imitates life incorporating a particularly dramatic elegance that emphasizes on artificiality. Cindy’s exhibition is not only outstanding by the laborious it seems but also its ability to decisively go over the top in creating awesome images of people so dramatically different from a typical person, yet they still make a part of humanity.

Question 2

One process that leads to the formation of opinions and judgment is growth. As one grows age wise it likely that they start having ideas and make self-decisions that are unique. Other processes that might be lead an  American  towards constructing meaning critical thinking, exercising their freedom of association and influence from prominent public figures. More especially politicians through their persuasion they have a great impact on one’s opinion and judgment on given subject.

Question 3

The second body of the photographs is able to create an experience of compassion among the students because it is more practical. It makes it emotional as the actors show the treatment African Americans underwent. Using actors is more understanding than either listening to a lecture or reading because it may put in some drama in ensuring that students do not get bored with the history.

Question 4

The building and the act of looking down instead of up defied existence of  a limbo between installation and sculpture. The crack itself represented what immigrant in Europe underwent, the racial segregation that marked people from developing countries as inferior.  Doris Salcedo used the title of the piece: Shibboleth make people question themselves whether they belonged in the region.

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