Comparing different religious approaches to violence and peacemaking

Paper details:

Develop a critical analysis essay comparing and assessing the approaches to religion and (non) violence we have discussed in the course so far. For the critical analysis: 1) Compare religious approaches to violence and peacebuilding; 2) Discuss how the comparison sheds light on the extent to which religion and theology are embedded in historical, cultural, and/or socio-political processes; and, 3) Reflect on how comparing religious approaches to violence and peacebuilding reveals the ongoing significance of ultimate questions as they are entangled in historical, cultural, and socio-political complexities. Note that these are not argument papers with a well-defined thesis; these are critical analysis papers, where the focus is a detailed examination of our class readings in relationship to each other, and a critical reflection on what the significance of that comparative examination is. Even so, you should have a clear introduction and conclusion, with a strong narrative thread running through the paper. Be sure you cite and substantiate all claims. You cannot address all assigned course readings, though you should examine at least 7 of the readings from the section of the course we are discussing. Include a cover page, page numbers, footnotes, and a bibliography. Including everything, each essay should be around 10 pages, double-spaced. Use inclusive, scholarly language and the Chicago Manual of Style (Notes-Bibliography System).

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