Compare/contrast serial killers

Serial killing is the unlawful murder of two or more victims by an offender or group of offenders in different events. Serial murders are broadly classified according to the crime committed as organized, disorganized, and mixed ones. Organized serial killers demonstrate a high level of intelligence in their offense and have IQ scores in the range of 105 to 120. They plan out their crime and leave no track behind to make sure they are not associated with the crime. Organized serial murders identify their target and investigate them for a while before making their advances. Disorganized serial murders exhibit lower IQ in the range of 80 to 95 than average. Disorganized killers do not plan their crime, and they may attack anyone their encounter in fortunate circumstances. They hardly demonstrate smartness in their crime since they may leave evidence behind; therefore, many choose to flee to other countries to escape possible arrest by the police (Margrave, 2011). The essay analyzes three serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Richard Trenton Chase, and Jeffry Dahmer.

Jeffery Dahmer was brought up in a middle-class family and had no childhood miseries. Dhamer had high-level IQ scores since he was brilliant in school and desired to deal with chemicals and study bones. Dhamer’s father was a chemical analyst and thought his child had a genius mind when he noticed his love with bones. Likewise, the Dahmer mother was too busy to notice any strange thing with the boy. At an early age, Dahmer found pleasure and company from dissecting cats and dogs he found in the streets and dissolved the body in acids. The young boy would then crash the bones and scatter them in the field. Dahmer also realized he was gay and kept it a secret but had evil imaginations of knocking down men and having sex with the unconscious body. At age 17, Dahmer’s parents divorced, and he turned to human dissection later in the year. Dahmer made his first kill at 18 years, where he knocked down a man, strangled him, and masturbated with the corpse. He later chopped off the body parts, sliced the flesh, crushed bones, and buried some features. Dhamer joined the army from 1978 to 1981 as a medic and was kicked out due to heavy drinking and irresponsibility. While in the military camp, there were two allegations of rape case which the army rejected since Dahmer seemed harmless. Dahmer continued drugging, sexually assaulting, dismembered parts of the body, and boiling people in chemicals (The Infographic Show, 2018).

Dahmer had some traits of an organized serial killer. Dhamer was brilliant since he covered up the crimes he committed by dissolving body organs in acids. Dhamer was a relaxed and smart killer since he murdered people in the home region. However, Dhamer sometimes attacked his male victims coincidentally without planning. Dhamer was a thrill-seeker since he was sexually aroused by raping the victims and masturbating on the corpses. He also used heads and skulls of the victims for sexual satisfaction. Dahmer kept records of his killings by preserving skulls and taking photographs of the chopped parts. Dahmer claimed to gain ultimate satisfaction by making people bend to his will and using people as objects of achieving pleasure. Dahmer exercised power and control on his victim by making ‘zombies’ and keeping specific body parts alive. Dahmer also dominated male subjects by raping them and keeping them at his home against their will.

           John Wayne Gacy had a rough childhood experience due to his father’s mistreatment. Gacy’s alcoholic father continuously beat him and lowered his esteem by all means. Gacy grew up with hatred due to the pain his father had inflicted in his life. Gacy divorced with his first wife after the court found him guilty of sexually assaulting young men and sentence him to 10 years of prison. However, Gacy was released on parole after 18 months, where he began a new life in Chicago. Gacy became a successful construction company manager and was liked by many people in town due to his state. Gacy also wore clown costumes to make children happy in Chicago. Gacy married a second wife with two daughters in 1972. The second wife divorced Gacy after learning he was a bisexual in 1976. Gacy indulged in killing after the divorce and derived sexual gratification from killing young men. Gacy kidnapped men by pretending to be a police officer. He then drugged the men, sexually assaulted them, tortured, and murdered them. Gacy buried the bodies of the victim in his home and damped some in the river. Gacy was crowned as the most gruesome serial killer with a record of 33 men when arrested (Grande, 2018).

           I would categorize Gacy as a mixed serial killer due to his multi-person character. Gacy had a double life; to the world, he was an influential figure but, at the same time, had dark secrets (FBI, 2010). Gacy was a disorganized serial murderer since every people suspected him of ‘making people disappear.’ Although Gacy cleverly covered his killings in his home, evidence of murder pointed to him. Gacia was also a visionary serial killer since he denied committing the crimes and said another force compelled him. Gacy occasionally said, ‘Jack or John did it’ when interviewed. Gacy also demonstrated power and control traits on male subjects courtesy on the humiliation by his father. Gacy experienced emotional gratification by torturing men as he suffered in childhood.

           Richard Trenton Chase had a weird behavior since childhood of finding satisfaction in tormenting animals. Chase began killing cats at an early age, and as a teenager, he heavily smoked and drunk. Chase also had sexual disabilities, and mental illness was identified as the root cause of the condition. At the age of 18, Chase killed rabbits, blended the organs, and drunk the blood concoction. Chase continued slaughtering cats, dogs, rabbits, and cows believing the blood prevented the heart from disappearing. Chase believed blood served as a remedy for his fainting heart and controlled his body organs from growing in awkward directions. In 1977, Chase began shooting people, removing body organs, and drinking their blood. Chase made six gruesome killings before getting arrested and later committing suicide (Serial Killers Documentaries, 2019).

           Chase was a highly disorganized serial killer. Chase did not conceal evidence; he left bloody footprints and fingerprints in crime scenes. Chase also roamed the streets with a rifle and with bloody clothing. Chase was unconcerned with his action; the serial killer just walked in broad daylight committing the crime. Chase attacked victims without any plan; he went to houses that were unclosed and left closed ones. Chase also falls under the category of thrill serial killers due to the gratification he derived from murdering and drinking blood. Chase also believed that blood prevented his heart from turning into dust and followed the cult of vampires attacking invited homes and leaving uninvited ones (cult serial killers).

           The origin of the horrors of the three serial killers began at an early age. The environmental, social, and biological factors an individual grows up in shape serial killers’ mindset. The killers slowly mustered their art, gained confidence, and become historical serial murderers through a gradual process. The offenders were also found to have anti-social disorders and were found to act with sanity by the law. Serial killers are broadly categorized as organized and disorganized, depending on the level of intelligence portrayed by the offenders. Additionally, not all serial killers are less talkative or infamous as seen with Gacy case.


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