Compare and contrast the travel narratives of the 3 – use prompts:

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Order instructions:Use only these 3 books
*The Travels, Marco Polo ISBN 0140440577
• The Book of Margery Kempe, Margery Kemp ISBN 0140432515
• The Travels of Ibn Battuta, Ibn Battuta ISBN 0330418793

Compare and contrast the travel narratives of the 3 – use prompts:

1)What motivated these three authors to set out on their journeys, and how did their backgrounds and points of view affect what they found interesting and worthy of comment in the narratives they produced upon their return?
2)What aspects of the cultures they encountered proved most fascinating to them, and why?
3)How did they shape their narrative to make an impression on their audience, and who do you think their intended audience was?
4)How did their reactions to other cultures reflect the attitudes of their own, and the comparisons they made between their travels and their own experience?

Notes: Any and all information taken from assigned readings, whether directly quoted or simply referred to, must be properly cited with PAGE NUMBERS. Parenthetical MLA-style citations will suffice, such as: (Kempe, 133).
Use third person in formal papers, not first person.

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