Communty plan

Paper details:

At the conclusion of Week 6, you will have completed all of the ADPIE steps of program planning. In this assignment, you combine it all into a community plan.


Integrate all previous assignments with revisions if necessary
Definition of Community
Windshield Survey
Community Assessment
Community Partners and Resources Community Health
Identify the intervention activities and resources needed to achieve the objectives and accomplish the goal(s). Describe what you did for your project.
Interventions must be specific and indicate:
Who will implement the intervention?
What, how, and when it will be implemented?
How will people be notified of this?
(Consideration should be given to education space needed, educational materials needing to be developed, advertising, and activity promotion through TV or radio)
Describe the proposed implementation of a project or activity. Include teaching, development of educational materials, etc.
Include in an appendix any material you developed: pamphlets, pictures of posters, advertising material, etc.
Propose an evaluation you would use to measure how you met the stated goal.
How will the success of your interventions be evaluated?
State what you might change to better accomplish the goal if it were not met. As you may remember from care planning, unmet goals usually need a change in interventions, or a change in the goal to be more realistic.

Additional Instructions:

Reference page (minimum of 12 references)
Final Paper 10 – 12 pages (not including title and reference page)
APA format
A title page and a reference page

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