Community Observation

One essential public place that is ever busy in any given community is a hospital. Especially from mid-morning to around 3 pm is when a lot of people check-in, some seeking medical treatment, advice, medication while others are just workers in the facility. When observing activities in a local hospital one notices the excellent work that the provincial government has been doing to improve the living standards of residents. The lighting and general hygiene of the area were quite appealing. There is a team of cleaning staff that goes around ensuring that everything is in order after every two hours. At the entrance of the waiting room, there is a bold notice that reminds the people to maintain silence and exercise patience. Nurses here are energetic friendly and attend to a visitor as soon as they check-in. On arriving at the hospital at around 11.30 pm, there was quite a long queue of both old and young people, though a majority of them were female.

The social norms in the hospital were just as one would expect. When visitors came, they patiently followed the queue except for patients who were in critical condition. For such cases, those already in line have no problem with the nurses having to attend them first. However, it may turn chaotic if an individual tries to cut the queue because maybe he or she thinks they have more urgent matters to attend to than those already in line. The social norm of standing in line is an expected way of behaving in social places. No one is expected to be ignorant of it except when the situation sincerely allows. Another noticeable social norm was the gender norm; men would offer the most comfortable seats to the opposite sex. The elderly were also given the priority and where even handled differently by nurses. Such conduct is expected considering that in most communities people are brought up knowing that older people should be treated with respect and humility.

Sociology theories have attributed to the majority of what we know about social manners, relationships, and societies (Crossman, 2017). Most of the social norms in the hospital fit perfectly with many sociological concepts. For instance, the idea of gender roles is noted in how the work of welcoming and serving visitors in the hospital is done by nurses of the female gender. This was not by chance, but instead, they were placed there because that role suits them and they are much better at calming down patients. Also the norm of gentlemen being kind to women while standing line is as a result of a sociological concept that is in the society that men should be courteous to the opposite sex. For a nurse to be efficient in offering quality service in the entrance of a hospital they must exercise emotional labor. One has to be careful and avoid their feelings from clothing their judgment and behavior.  For example, if a patient comes and tries to cut the queue, female nurses best handle the situation in a manner that no will be offended.

After observing the activities in the hospital, one may conclude that people here are highly disciplined and seem to respect each other. Presumably, this might be because they are unwell. Being sick humbles how individuals behave that is why despite there being a lot of people in a hospital there is minimum movement or noise.


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