Colby’s Models of social justice & distributive justice

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Colby’s Models of Social Justice & Distributive Justice

Please answer these questions A-C using the text book pages that has been attached to the other writing.
a.) Identify an area of policy that you are interested in changing.  Describe what policy you’d like to change and how.  Consider if this is a federal, state, or local policy. 
b.) Drawing upon Colby (2018, pp. 44-51)’s models of social justice, which model do you think best fits your perspective on this issue. Is this model congruent with social work values? Why or why not?
c.) If your policy change involves allocating resources, what distributive justice approach (e.g. just desert, equal/universal, needs-based/residual) do you recommend? Why?  

##Citation and reference needed.##

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