Cognitive Psychology – PsychoPy script Report


Cognitive Psychology – PsychoPy script Report

Paper details:

A PsychoPy script, trial files and stimuli will be attached below. Download all the files. Your task will be to run the experiment on yourself, calculate your mean response times for each condition, and write a 2000 words report about the experiment..

Using the PsychoPy script to find the relevant information, your report will include a short abstract (150-200 words), introduction of the topic (600 words) the methodology of the task (600 words to include design, material and procedure) a result section (200 words including data collation) and discussion (400 words) with references (not included in the word count). Word counts for each section are suggested only.

In appendix, you will have to include a screen shot of the original data file showing your p-number(P2415946) and date-stamp (see Figure 1), and a final screen shot showing your calculated means (see Figure 2).

Please download PsychoPy to do this experiment and to open the PsychoPy script attached in a zip file :

All other files are attached.

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