Classroom Simulation setup


Classroom Simulation setup

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Here is a chance to share what you’ve learned. You are working as the special education teacher in an ICT Kindergarten classroom with 17 students without IEPs and 6 children with IEPs (23 children total). Children with IEPs include:

1 child with high functioning autism, also diagnosed with ADHD
1 child classified with a hearing impairment and cochlear implants
1 child with sensory processing disorder
1 child with Down syndrome
1 child diagnosed with selective mutism
1 child who uses a wheelchair

Additionally, 3 children in the class are bilingual all speaking Spanish in their home (no IEPs). You have a general education teacher in the room as well as 3 paraprofessionals: one who is a native Spanish speaker but assigned to he child with Down syndrome, one assigned to the child in a wheelchair and another assigned to the child with the hearing impairment. Therapists are on site at the school and may push in or pull out from time to time but are not always available at a moment’s notice. Looking closely at the rubric requirements, decide how you will:

1) Set up your classroom?

2) Plan/schedule your day?

3) Integrate your curriculum?

4) Communicate effectively with parents?

5) Collaborate with the other adults in the room?

6) Balance your role as the special education teacher (paperwork, IEP goals, etc.) with the need to also be a fully immersed co-teacher for all children in the classroom?
Make sure to back up these ideas with your textbook reading(s)
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