Classroom Assessment, Teacher Observation, and Reflection of Science Experiences in an Early Childhood Classroom

Paper details:Hello, attached is going to be the assignment details that are from the syllabus. Part 1 and 2 are already completed and I have attached them as well. What I hope you can do is continue and finish part 3 and 4. All work should be cited. I am also attaching one of the readings so that you can refer to it. The assignment is for my early childhood education teaching kids science class. We were to do fieldwork and observe a class. You can read from the work I have already done. Please please let me know if you have any questions and need clarity. This assignment is critical and I am here to answer any questions. I am also attaching the NYS science standards for you to refer to as well. I understand it says to implement the experience or to tell a colleague. You can either make it up and say that you did implement, and reflect on that, or you can do the tell a colleague. It says to also reflect to other standards, any standards can be found by google.

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