Christianity’s affect on the patriarchy


Christianity’s affect on the patriarchy

Paper details:

Canvas Assignment Instructions from Professor:
“Your term paper should be on one of two kinds of topics:

a) a world religion and its impact on a society (not necessarily, but could be the U.S.) Could be historical. Example: the effect of Evangelical Protestantism on the U.S. 2020 Elections; Shinto and its Impact on Japanese Involvement in WW II. etc.

b) a more abstract look at the impact of religion and its influence on socio-cultural phenomena Example: religion and its connections to nationalism globally, etc.

6-8 pages double spaced, typed, please have a cover page and bibliography, (do not count as page count of content, through graphs and images do); citation/referencing system not mandated (i.e. APA) but should be clear and consistent; readable font.

Bibliography should have at least 3 academic sources, other than lectures or your textbook. The Green Library on campus is fully open to students at this point “AFAIK”, but call in case any arrangements need to be made. Make sure you cite Internet sources/URLs properly.

You will be submitting your term papers online. They will be checked automatically by for plagiarism. Submissions should be in PDF, DOC (Word), or RTF formats. If you accidentally submit a draft, etc., Canvas will allow 1 resubmit attempt.

Worth 50 points: 10 formatting/spelling/capitalization/punctuation/etc. and 40 for content.”

Personally, I would like to write about Christianity’s affect on gender roles and the patriarchy

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