Changes concept assignment


Changes concept assignment

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Module 7 Journal Paper Assignment:
1. Using the readings from this week’s module, write a formal paper:
• Two pages maximum, double-space (excluding reference and title page).
• Title page should include Paper title, name, and course.
• Paper format follow APA Style.
2. Describe your reflection and understanding of change concepts and how it can contribute to developing new change ideas for improvement.
3. From the list of change concepts found in Using Change Concepts for Improvement, select 2-3 of these concepts you could use in your personal QI project. Explain how you will integrate some of the elements mentioned in the readings and apply in your personal QI project for this course or in practice.
4. Follow APA formatting with your paper. Include references.
5. Submit your paper in the Dropbox titled: Journal Paper: Change Concept Assignment.

Required Textbook Readings:
Spath, P. (Ed.). (2018). Continuous Improvement. In Introduction to Health Care Quality Management (3rd ed). Health Administration Press. (Chapter 5, pp. 118-142).
Required Articles Readings:
Using Change Concepts for Improvement
Action Item Hierarchy
QSEN Competencies: Quality and Safety for Nurse Education. Please review QI, safety, and informatics. Retrieved from

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