Cause of Prejudice


Prejudice is the act of having a baseless opinion towards a person or a group of people for something that they cannot control. Take for instance looking down upon people for having a certain religious belief or for coming from a given race. Prejudice has quite a significant impact on how people interact and behave towards each other. It is worthwhile mentioning that a prejudiced person does not necessarily have to act on it. Some people are prejudiced because that is how they were brought up, parents or guardians can implicit an unjustifiable opinion about some people in their child. For instance, most children grow up knowing that most people from the Middle East countries are associated with terrorism.  Another reason why people are prejudiced is that they are anxious which makes them identify with people of their kind. This leads to having limited interaction with people that are perceived to be different (Aviram, 2018). It is also correct to say that people are prejudiced because they fail to be open-minded.

I recognize that I have always had the prejudice that students that wear glasses are often very intelligent and have high grades. I also had a prejudice of stereotyping taxi drivers with dreadlocks and Caribbean accent to be drug traffickers. From the images I grew up seeing on the television bang was usually smoked by people that had long dreadlocks and my parents would always discourage the hairstyle from associating it with hooliganism. I have fallen victim of prejudice a couple of time like recently I realized my date dumped me because I am too social. Unfortunately, people that are too social cannot be trustworthy mates, they always end up cheating.


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