Case Study Porposal

Paper details:

You will write a proposal for your case study paper. This proposal should be a minimum of 4 pages, double-spaced, and a maximum of 6 pages, double spaced (excluding cover sheet and references). For your proposal, you will write the first 3 sections of your case study paper (Introduction, a portion of the Literature Review, and the Media Review section). Your proposal should include the following:

Proposal Components:

1. Introduction: Describes overall purpose of paper (includes description of case for background/context; briefly previews type of media content that will be analyzed and theoretical/scholarly literature that will be used; makes argument for why that area of scholarly literature is best suited to understanding the case).

2. Literature Review: Summary of theoretical/scholarly literature reviewed for the case (at least 5 sources cited). (NOTE: For the final case study paper, you will need to increase your literature review to cover at least 10 sources, but for the proposal only 5 sources are required).

3. Media Review: Identifies media content that will be analyzed; provides rationale for media content selected; describes how media content will be collected; briefly identifies qualitative content analysis as the method of data analysis.

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