case studies

Paper details:

These are 4 different assignments that need to be completed on their original document. Assignments NEED to be in depth with explaining why you chose that answer. YOU MUST STATE WHY YOU CHOSE YOUR REASONING! SUPPORT YOUR REASONING.
ALL assignments font (answers) should be in black
Instructions for Assignments:
I look for answers that are thorough and complete….I want to see evidence that you understand the topic and have the knowledge needed to be a successful and thoughtful nurse that keeps their community and it’s wellbeing in mind (no matter where you practice.) The only way to do that is through the depth of the answer
They are designed to be interactive learning experiences, not just fill-in-the-blank answers. For each assignment, you will “walk” through the assignment clicking on links that will teach you more about the subject. As you go, you will answer questions about what you read or watched. Very often, it will be asking for your opinion because as a 5th semester student, ready to graduate, we want to see how you think! Of course, what you write and how you think should be backed by things you’ve read or watched and references should be in APA format. If it’s not a thought you can identify where you learned it from, it’s just something you know…be prepared to be challenged on your thinking. Do you have resources or facts that support your thinking?

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