Career Path in the Communication Field

Essay about a career in Communication

A communication major suits me because of my fascination to entertain, inform and influence people through the media content I create for an audience. There are many disciplines in the communication field, such as marketing, public relations, journalism, film, and advertising.


I prefer advertising since it is within the business field, which pays quite well. Examples of possible careers in advertising are market research analyst, public relations specialist, and sales representative, among others.
All that the coursework will entail is an examination of techniques used to propagate a message to persuade an audience to support a cause, buy a product, or take some action. The undergraduate program will also encompass exploring the factors that lead people to buy a particular commodity and gathering data to know potential sales of the product. I have always had a passion for studying consumer behavior and therefore strongly believe that I will have fun pursuing such a course.
I am a social being who loves interacting and working with other people with whom we share the same interests. The success that a team can reap can never be equated to what a single person can do.
Since advertising is mainly project-based, it definitely requires considerable amounts of group work. With the advancement in technology, everything such as means of reaching out to customers is changing. Individuals in advertising jobs have to keep up with new inventions such as social media. I am a technology enthusiast, and I always familiarize myself with media innovations. The advantage of this trait is that it places me at a better place in reaching out to people of various age brackets and diversity.

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