After studying Chapters 1, 5, 6, & 7, you should be able to apply the Learning Objectives outlined in each chapter.

Textbook – Cardon,P. (2018), Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World (3e).

This is an individual assignment.

Suggestions for Gathering Information to Prepare the Memorandum

(1) Make sure to read Chapters (1,5,6,7) in the course textbook before working on this assignment.

(2) After reading the chapters go back and reflect on (Why Does This Matter?) in Chapter 1 of the course’s textbook. Think about the assigned course readings (Chapters 1,5,6,7) in terms of developing and applying knowledge gained from your academic program (specifically your declared major) to establish credibility expected by industry (professionals within your declared major).

(3) Go to Chapter 6 and review the Writing Principles. I have identified the top five principles from Chapter 6 below

Writing Principles:

(1) Be Specific, (2) Be Accurate, (3) Control Paragraph length, (4) Use Active Voice, and (5) Avoid Buzzwords/figures of speech

(4) From the list above in number 3 – select two Writing Principles – you most need to work on.

(5) Use *Business Source Complete to locate discipline (your major) specific journals (i.e. accounting journals or marketing journals if those are your majors) which identify key abilities and attributes (Reading Chapter 16 will help understand what key abilities and attributes refers to in terms of working) that are sought within your declared major in terms of establishing credibility in business communication. This information should be linked to the importance of establishing credibility as a basis for effective business communication.

(6) You are ONLY to discuss WRITTEN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION in establishing credibility only.

* Business Source Complete- Go to W.I. Dykes Library

Click Databases – Under Library Databases –Click B-Scroll Down to Business Source Complete –Click and Start your search

Important: You will use information from this article within your major to complete the assignment below. Information used from the article will serve as your required APA in-text citation and secondary source/Reference. (See Format Information Below) The research is what should assist you in determining what attributes and abilities are important in establishing credibility in your major so that you can select the two writing items that you need to work on.

DO NOT use an article over five years old. DO NOT use the course text as the source.


Prepare a one-page memorandum on the importance of establishing credibility via business communications within your declared major.

Writing Tip: Consider dividing your draft into sections/paragraphs inclusive of but not limited to the following. Example:

(1) Provide a short overview of your declared major based on identified key abilities and attributes linked to establishing credibility via WRITTEN business communication – identify your two selected Writing Principles from the list – you most need to work on. There should be no discussion about verbal communication. That is now what this assignment is about.

(2) Write a paragraph about why you want to improve on the two Writing Principles you selected and how you will go about doing it. How you’ll go about doing it is based on the suggestions provided in Chapter 6. Read them and apply them to your major.

(3) Summarize your findings to the importance of establishing credibility via written business communications specific to your declared major for professional aspirations.

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS YOUR GAME PLAN FOR establishing credibility via written communication once you receive a job in your major. You’re telling me exactly what you’re going to work on, specifically HOW you’re going to work on it (based on the recommendations listed in chapter 6 for those specific areas of improvement) and why your selections will help you establish credibility in written communication on your first job in your major.

Format: APA Style and Memorandum

APA Style

  • Citation: Must have one in-text citation in the body of the memo. (DO NOT use over two lines of the information from the article to complete your
  • in-text citation in the body of the memo.) You can ONLY cite the article once in the body. DO NOT use the citation multiple times in the body. DO NOT use other citations in the body.)
  • • Make sure to use APA style to format the in-text citation and reference. *You can review APA formatting (In-Text Citation and Reference) via the following link:
  • Reference: Must list the one secondary source used as your citation as your Reference. Place the information/source at the bottom of the page. DO NOT key the word Reference- just format and cite the source. If you need a little extra space to list/format your selected source use Times New Roman- font size 10. DO NOT key the Reference on a separate page.
  • Model Document ONE-Page Memorandum: Review the format for the Memorandum in the course textbook- See Appendix B –Sample Memo. Important Reminder– The sample memo is for visual and formatting purposes. In reviewing, you should note, the content is not applicable. This means “you” will need to make “applicable” modifications given “your” assignment’s instructions and “your selected content coverage.” Some applicable modifications include but are not limited to the follow.

DO NOT include the following: Header (name of company) or Notations: Enclosures or Distribution –DO NOT place the word Memorandum or use a template with the word Memorandum at the top of your page.

REQUIRED – 1 page (DO NOT Exceed)

Apply the following – MARGINS -1 inch (top/bottom and sides), FONT – Times New Roman-Size 12, and FORMAT – Use single space to format the body of each section/paragraph – THEN- Use 1.5 spaces between each section/paragraph (i.e. at the end of section/paragraph 1 – use 1.5 spaces THEN – go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph two – at the end of section/paragraph two –use 1.5 spaces-then go back to using single space for the body of section/paragraph 3).

DO – Move and Align the Heading (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT) up (1 inch Top) –this will give you extra space to complete the assignment. To: Ms. Wilkins rather than information listed.

Make sure to supply applicable– From (Use Your Name of Record (First then Last), Date, and Subject (should be based on the memo’s content).

Important – Submission Guidelines

1. Name the file– use your last and Memo. (Ex. WilkinsMemo).

2. Submit the assignment as an attached WORD file in the –Named (Memo Career Credibility) Assignment Submission Box.

3. DO NOTs – Please read – I will NOT accept the submission.

• Do Not PDF the assignment.

• Do Not cut/paste the assignment to the Submission Board.

• Do Not write a message in the Submission Board.

• Do Not submit the assignment via Course Message.

• Do Not submit the assignment via my university’s email.

Please Note- I encourage you to submit in a timely manner rather than the last minute. Remember, technology happens the system will close as scheduled. I will not accept late work.

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