Career Choice – Compare and Contrast

There are two colleges that would be a good idea to go to for the career of graphics designer/game designer. The colleges are Full Sail University, and also Miami University, that is not actually in Miami, but actually in Oxford, Ohio. There are pros and cons to each one, but there are also better benefits then there are disadvantages. They are both out of state. They also both have high degrees and a good rating so they would be good choices. The choice should be clear by the end.
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Full Sail University is a private college that costs $23,694 for a full 4 years of college. It is 2nd in graphics design for video games. A graphic designer gets paid a lot more than I currently make so that would be a good choice. It also has an online degree, so you don’t have to go to the campus. The people that made Borderlands 3, a very popular video game, graduated from Full Sail University. You can also get a $25,000 scholarship, which pays for everything but a few of your books, and computer components. It has a 100% acceptance rate, and all you have to have is a 2.0 GPA or up. It is located in Winter Park, Florida. It is also a little ways away but that’s fine.
The other college selection would be Miami University, which is located in Oxford, Ohio. Miami University would be closer than Florida. It is ranked number one in its state. It has the best game designing group in the country. It also has a high passing rate. Video game designing is one of the fastest growing jobs in the economy. It would have many career possibilities and good business opportunities too.
They both have a high acceptance rate with little to no people not being allowed. Full Sail has had more popular games produced by students that have gone there. People seem to leave good reviews on it and it looks like a great college to go to. Miami University has barely any good things about it, it has a lower graduation rate, and it is also more expensive by a lot. It is also farther away, so it wouldn’t be fun to go to a really far away college and it not be worth it.
The best choice would seem to be Full Sail University. It has the best benefits and the best possible outcome of a good career. After reading about Miami University, it does not seem as good as it did at first. It has terrible reviews, and no famous groups or popular games have come from the category that would have been favored. There has been very little for popular in general. It isn’t a college you say, “That’s a good college, I went there a long time ago.” So in the end Full Sail University outweighs Miami University by a lot and would be the best choice.

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