Cardiovascular Diseases Assignment

Cardiovascular Diseases AssignmentLast name:

The purpose of this assignment is to describe pathophysiologic effects of cardiovascular-related disorders; identify diagnostic tests and measures and interventions; and discuss the functional implications.

  1. Identify one disorder from each category listed below (one coagulation disorder, one circulatory disorder, etc.).  Then explain in 2-3 sentences:
  2. The changes that occur in this system caused by disease    
  3. The changes that occur in other systems by this same disease         
  4. The method of  diagnosis for this disorder  
  5. Possible treatment interventions
  6. General prognosis
  7. Cite any references used to gather information
 CoagulationCirculatoryCardiovascular (heart)Hematopoietic / Lymphatic
Changes to this system caused by disease    
Impact upon  other systems due to this disease    
Method of  diagnosis for this disorder    
Possible treatment interventions    
General prognosis    
  1. From the disorders you identified above, choose one and discuss the potential impact on a person’s functional level in their daily lives, including any alterations in their daily lives or health practices that might be necessary. (10 pts)

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