Can technology effectively alleviate social problems like poverty or discrimination or crime or political corruption either here in the US or abroad through international development agencies?

Paper details:

Narrow your focus down to a specific issue that can be discussed in terms of one significant case or specific example.

Find at least two writers who hold competing but equally reputable views which are relevant to your topic. (They may not have explicitly written on the exact same topic itself, but it is obvious how their views could easily be applied or adapted to it.)
Identify what you think are key points of comparison between these views.

Decide what these views tell us about the way(s) the effects of our current technology differ from technology’s effects in the past.

When you start writing the paper, bear in mind that my job is to present a clear systematic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these views. Ido not need to have a preformed thesis. Think of the paper as an exploratory discussion intended to clarify the implications of the issue that may not be obvious at the start. Your goal is not so much to reach some sort of tentative “conclusion” so much as to clarify why the issue is a significant one that advances our understanding of technology.

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