Business Management Finals

3. (Approximately 350 words) In class we explored leadership using Pearce’s textbook chapter on Leading Others, our class exercise discussing stories of successful leaders, and the Torres TED talk. Now, imagine you have been invited to create a leadership training workshop for an established company. Here you will be asked to outline your pitch for the leadership training that you would create.
i. What company would you most like to provide a leadership training experience for and why?
ii. Can leadership be improved through skills-based training? Support your answer.
iii. What specific leadership skill would you focus on?
iv. Why is this leadership skill important to leadership success?
v. What is one activity that you would use to practice the leadership skill that you identified?

4. (Approximately 300 words) In class we discussed many ways that managers could interrupt bias, including bias that occurs in the day-to-day management of employees. If you were called into a company such as Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. to help managers understand day-to-day bias, what is the one example of this type of bias that you would discuss with them. How would you help them to interrupt this bias?
i. Identify the type of bias,
ii. Explain how or why it occurs, and
iii. Provide suggestion to interrupt this bias moving forward.

5. (Approximately 300 words) Our case discussion of “To Blast or Not to Blast” explored the experience of Susan Thorn, a young engineer who had to make an ethical decision at work. Explain the ethical dilemma faced by Susan Thorn and her basis for decision making by discussing the following:
i. What was the decision faced by Susan Thorn?
ii. What were her professional values and how did they inform her decision?
iii. What was the source of her professional values?
iv. What are your values as a business professional and what is the source of your values?
v. Draw and discuss a symbol that represents your professional values as a business person.

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