BUS321: Persuasive Memo

: Due to Assignment Link on Canvas

Your Task:   Write a memo to your boss persuading to implement a “Take Your Dog to Work Day”.

(See PowerPoints on Canvas: Emails vs. Memos; Persuasive Messages)

Background Information: http://www.takeyourdog.com/About/

A decade ago Pet Sitters International started “Take Your Dog to Work Day” in the United States. The primary purpose was to raise awareness about what good companions dogs are. A secondary purpose was to inspire fellow office workers to adopt a dog of their own. As a passionate dog owner, you want to persuade your company to initiate a “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” You are not sure whether the CEO will go for it, but it’s worth a try. You realize that you would have to reassure the CEO that some rules would have to be established. Pets should not be brought unless they have been bathed, groomed, and vaccinated. And what about doggie accidents or co-workers who are allergic? You vow to think of all the arguments that could be made against your proposal and be ready with counterarguments.

Your Task. Write a persuasive memo to CEO Dorothy Tomczyk. Explain how your proposal could be beneficial. Gain attention, build interest, reduce resistance, and motivate action. Supply any necessary details.

Check the rubric before posting to ensure you met all requirements

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