Brooklyn history

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Write a reflection on colonial Brooklyn based upon what you read in Stiles, Ostrander, and Wilder. Obviously, you cannot write a detailed account of each reading. Instead, I would suggest that you focus on comparing the authors’ theses & evidence, thinking about how Wilder confirms/refutes/builds upon the works Stiles and Ostrander. How do the authors’ focus/evidence differ, and why does that matter to the histories they wrote? Allow yourself some latitude in terms of stream-of- consciousness prose, but ultimately aim to say something about how the sources connect (what common themes run through them?), the ways in which readings speak to the history of Brooklyn, what new things you have learned, or what you think each author leaves out that would bolster the arguments made or create a different interpretation of Brooklyn history. Your primary mission: to say something about the theses explored in readings, the structure and evidence authors employ to advance their theses (the arguments they want to make about why their history matters to our understanding of Brooklyn’s past), to whom they speak (the intended audience), and how the readings do/do not fit together. In addition, you should provide some sort of critique (which is quite different from Auncritical bashing@ or Auncritical praise@) of your readings. What are the reading’s strengths (what does the author do well), weaknesses (what’s left out, and why do you think the author made such choices), and where does the reading fit into the literature (each author tells you what contribution they think their work makes to the literature on/debates about life in Brooklyn/the United States and why Brooklyn’s history is worth recording).
Plan to write no more than one page on each reading; that is, get to the main points quickly, so that you have time to weave the works together into a coherent whole.
Just skim through the provided readings, you don’t have to thoroughly read them.
The 3 readings are -History of the City of Brooklyn by Henry stiles
-A history of the city of Brooklyn and Kings county
by Ostrander, Stephen M
-a covenant with color by Craig steven wilder

If you cant access the books on your own, let me know so i can add the links/pdf

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