Branch Lopez Reflection & Cisneros Reflection

1. Branch Lopez Reflection

After reading the Brant reading, please go back and focus on the Raymond Branch/Dora Lopez section
(pg 170-172). How did the following influence their literacy journey?
• Demographics
• Computer exposure
• Parents/Family
• Education
• Job

2. Cisneros Reflection

After reading Cisneros’ Only Daughter reflect on the following questions.

1. Who is Cisneros? Do a little research to find out who she is.
2. Her father supported her going to college, but for a reason different than her own. How were both the college and her father literacy sponsors?
3. Do you think she “misappropriated” the college literacy sponsorship that her father intended? (refresh this idea from the Brant article) How or how not?
4. What are some of the father’s literacy sponsors mentioned? How do you think they impacted his daughter?
5. How were the father’s and daughter’s ideas of success different?

3. Malcolm X Reflection

After reading Malcolm X Learning to Read, reflect on and answer the following questions.

1. What was his first language?
2. What does he mean by “learning to read”?
3. Did he have a literacy sponsor? Who might that have been?
4. Why was it important for him to “learn a new language”

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