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Assignment No. 1: Thursday 2/11- Title, Small Intro with Hypothesis, Annotated bibliography ,Reference List for Movie Number One Film: Coogler, R. (2018). Black Panther. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Due.

Instructions for Annotated bibliography: An annotated bibliography is a list of citation on a particular topic. (In our case, at least 3) Each citation is followed by brief descriptive and evaluative paragraphs (the annotation). The purpose is to describe the source for the reader and give your opinion on its relevance, accuracy, and quality. Below is an Annotated Bibliography Sample.

Annotated Bibliography Sample.pdf download

This is an individual assignment. For this assignment you should have at least 3 references and they must be annotated. (The references are 2 peer reviewed articles or one peer reviewed article and a book, (for example, written by a theorist) and the movie.) You must annotate only those three sources. Any additional links you used must be in your reference list but do not need to be annotated.

In your Introduction, I expect you to have Title, Theory, Hypothesis, short introduction on what is your domain, (for example developmental psychology and humanistic approaches and a particular theorist, such as Freud or Maslow), what is/are the theme/s that you will be focusing on. You need to introduce the theory and domain and explain why they are relevant to the theme/s of your choice in the movie. Briefly explain how you will connect the theory to the film. As you already know, your introduction must end with your hypothesis. (We are still following the Scientific Method Principles explored last Semester: Observation, Hypothesis, Theory, Research)

While we will work on the annotated bibliography for the Poster as a group, for this assignment, you need to create your own reference list and annotated bibliography. Please do not forget to use APA style.

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