Bioethics and Law Paper

Paper details:

Please cite using footnote style

Now that you have completed the proposal and the annotated bibliography, you will draft and submit the Bioethics and Law Paper. This paper will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the topic you have chosen and allow you to apply the concepts you have learned throughout the course. For the final paper, incorporate your research from the textbook, assigned readings and presentations, and additional scholarly sources on this topic and demonstrate a thorough analytical study, exposition, and critical analysis of the topic.

Based on the topic outlined in your proposal and the feedback provided by your instructor, you will write a 3500–4500-word research paper. You must stay true to your proposed writing direction, i.e. analytical, expository, argumentative and/or some mix of those. The paper must include at least 20 scholarly references (you may include the 10 provided from your annotated bibliography) in addition to the course textbook and the Bible. If you find it relevant, you may add no more than 1 block quote (citing yourself) from the What Is a Person Paper. The final submission must adhere to current Bluebook formatting and meet the writing standards for a graduate-level research paper.

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