Best Practices for working with students with Speech and Language Disorders in the General Education Classroom

Paper details:

What you need to do is to write a 2 or so paragraph overview about your paper and find a series of possible journal articles that you will be reviewing for your paper (10 minimum) empirical papers (not older than 10 years). A maximum of 2 overview papers that summarize the topic are acceptable as you need to be working with primary references (journal articles). I will go over and grade this submission to be sure you are on the right track. The summary and bibliography will be due next Thursday by midnight. Please upload your document as a word doc, properly labeled with your first and last name and “paper planning”. Use google scholar or some other search engine to search for papers.

Note: you need to be very specific about your topic. It needs to have an age/grade level (elementary/middle/high school), a specific topic/content area, and an intervention or strategy that is being discussed. For example, the benefits of using technology (the intervention) on word acquisition for elementary austic students.

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