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I need additional small sections to be added to my Chapter 3 – Research Design and Methodology. I’m uploading my Chapter 3 and a Sample Chapter 3. Please, follow the sample.

Page 4: Nature of the Study – RE-WORD the SAMPLE. USE THE SAME SOURCES! (1-2 pages)
Page 10: Disadvantages to Phenomenological Studies – MISSING (half page)
Page 11: Analysis Unit – Describe who you are identifying – look at the sample dissertation for Chapter 3 and follow the headings and how to write under each heading exactly. Writing starts from Population.
Page 12:
Population – MISSING (half page)
Sample Size-MISSING (half page)
Purposive Sampling- MISSING (half page)
Appropriateness to Purposive Sampling – MISSING – Discuss how it is used (half page)
Participation Selection – MISSING (half page)
Sampling Frame – MISSING (1 page)
Page 14: Criteria for Maximum Variation. MISSING Discuss maximum variation approach (half page)
Page 16: Interview Techniques – ADD 1 page of writing.
Page 18: Relationship between research and interview questions. ADD why the research questions are the foundation for a phenomenological study. (half page)
Page 19: Prima Facie & Content Validity – MISSING (half page)
Page 23: Reliability of the Study – MISSING (half page)
Page 24:
Bracketing and Epoche – Add quotes from Creswell & Moustakas. (half page)
Data Analysis – MISSING (half page)
Coding – MISSING (half page)
Interrater Reliability and Validity – MISSING (1 page)

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