Best Advice for XXXTentacion

Imagine giving advice to somebody and how their life would change. I’m going to be giving advice to Jahseh Onfroy. I would give him advice to not go out and buy a motorcycle on June 18, 2018. This advice could’ve changed his life and everyone else’s around him.
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To start off with, you will need to know who Jahseh Onfroy is. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, or better known as XXXTentacion was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Growing up he lived near Plantation, Florida . Onfroy was twenty years old when he passed away. He also has changed many people’s lives by inspiration through his music. XXXTentacion began rapping on Soundcloud but then expanded to other platforms. He started his music career in 2013 after his song release “Flock”. Onfroy spent lots of time in a juvenile detention center when he was younger, but also spent some time in jail later in life. Onfroy had a rough childhood so it wasn’t always easy at home for him.“He spent the majority of his childhood in Pompano Beach, Florida being raised by his grandmother.”
What advice may I give to Jahseh Onfroy, might be the question. On June 18, 2018 Onfroy got shot in an armed robbery which caused him to pass away. If I could’ve gave Jahseh Onfroy any advice, I would’ve told him to not go to the motorcycle dealership. If Onfroy truly needed to go to the dealership, then I would’ve told him to have some body guards at all times knowing he’s a celebrity. “Florida also has one of the highest crime rates in the nation.”  “There were three hundred seven mass shootings in 2018.” “About thirteen thousand people are killed each year.” Knowing this, he should’ve had at least some protection beings he’s a celebrity.
Being so, if Onfroy could’ve taken my advice it would of changed his whole life. He might not have gotten shot if he didn’t go to the motorcycle dealership and would’ve gotten a longer happier life to live with his son and girlfriend. After his death, many people have been inspired by his music and are achieving their goals by using his advice. If he didn’t die, then this might not of happened. There are many good inspirational things that have happened after his death, therefore there were some bad things that happened. Some include fans being depressed of his death and his family living in sorrow. Over all, my advice could of saved Jahseh Onfroy’s life and people’s around him.
In conclusion, imagine advice being given to somebody you know. That advice could truly change their life. I gave Jahseh Onfroy advice and surely enough it could’ve changed his life. Life is full of challenges but you have to get past those and move on. Do you think Jahseh Onfroy would take my advice?         

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