Benefit Cost Analysis report

Paper details:

This assignment asks you to provide explanatory background on a benefit-cost analysis (BCA) in support of a FEMA hazard mitigation grant proposal for Somewhere City in Anywhere County, AZ.
Approx 4-5 pages; 5 page maximum
-Use a cover page – not counted for length
– Include reference page – not counted for length
First, make use of the course notes and lecture materials, on hazard mitigation grants. Second, this need not be lengthy, maximum 5 pages. Please use a cover page, reference page, and follow proper APA citation methods if you make specific references to articles or reports. Third, while the list of items requested to be included in the report is long, none of those individual items require lengthy explanations. Just be clear, concise, and precise. Fourth, for the sensitivity analysis, all you will need to do to is to change the discount rate from .07 to .05 on the Excel sheet provided

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