Becoming a master change Agent

I once worked part-time in a coffee shop in our local town to raise some cash. The coffee shop staffs were well organized and loved working in the shop. The team always wore a uniform and performed their duties with minimum supervision. Each employee knew what is expected from him/her and did it in the best way possible. In case an employee got sick or slightly lost track of his/her duties, the colleagues covered up the mess to ensure the smooth running of the business. No employee seemed to be pushed to get the task completed. The boss was a friendly guy, he never threatened the workers to perform duties, but instead, he inspired a team spirit. Every staff had leadership attitudes and felt appreciated in the shop. The shop also solved employee to employee and organizational disputes in a civilized manner. When I joined the shop, I enjoyed working with my team and gained a lot of experience.

The members were perfectly acquainted with the business and occasionally modified the shop to compete favorably. The staff addressed clients politely and persuaded of the quality the shop delivers. Clients preferred the shop because they were never delayed and received their orders. The shop also maintained well-structured receipts and menus and kept detailed records for the business operation. The team members collaborated in their tasks and never involved personal issues in the business. Members of the team loved and owned the company; they were honest and concerned with the shop’s prosperity. The team was aware of the competition from other shops tried new ways to improve the business outcome. For instance, once the management decided to repaint the premises, bring in modern furniture and electronics to curb losses due to competition. Team members would suggest ideas to the administration on improving services, and the owners implemented valid suggestions. The staff knew they were significant contributors to the shop, and they played their role effectively. The team members, including myself, displayed the characteristics listed by Prosci.

           I value involving people in a goal and making them committed to the quest. A process focus manager achieves business outcomes conveniently than a task focus one. The beauty of the process focus is that the team simultaneously enjoys the process of the goal and the project’s rewards. Therefore, team members are likely to be innovative while carrying out their duties (Meulenberg). A process-focused individual does not have to strictly supervise workers and follow up on their steps because each person willingly meets the organization’s expectations. A manager who uses process focus techniques is likely to incur low production costs and enjoy optimum profits. It is also possible to overcome objectives distraction in a process focus environment. Although a business’s goals may seem distant and difficult to achieve, using process focus methods maintains workers’ focus and obligation to the task. I also believe in keeping team members in good psychological and physical condition, which a process focus manger accomplishes.

           To sharpen my process focus skills, I need to improve my listening, interviewing, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills. The method requires me to break communication barriers by creating a rapport with workers. I will have to employ powerful tools of influence and play with workers’ psychology to inspire positive results in their duties. I also need to hold meetings and encourage cohesion in carrying out business. The staffs need to feel comfortable to air grievances or make suggestions in meetings to enhance coordination. Moreover, a process focus leader should muster how to solve conflicts and ensure workers do not hold grudges against each other (Meulenberg). I also need to be flexible and transparent to work with different people and bring them towards a collective goal.

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