Auditory System

Paper details:For the auditory system reflection essay, you are to apply the material covered in the content to reflect upon a chapter from Oliver Sack’s book Hallucinations. Chapters that can be used for this reflection are Chapter 4 (Hearing Things), Chapter 11 (On the Threshold of Sleep), Chapter 12 (Narcolepsy and Night Hags).

You will need to do additional research to answer all of the points below.

Choose one of these chapters for your reflection, include the following information:

Bibliography information about the chapter and other resources used

Include why you selected it and what book it is from

Summary and details of the condition(s) that is described in the chapter

Background information needed to understand the condition

Summary of diagnosis and treatments for the condition
Is this condition still affecting people today? Is it being studied today? If so, how?

Your thoughts on the most interesting aspect of the chapter/condition

Any out-standing questions you have about the topic that have not been addressed yet

I can scan the chapter you choose and upload it.
Please use the same formatting as the last paper! Thank you!

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